Batman:Under the Red Hood dvd movie

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Composer Christopher Drake
Director Brandon Vietti
Screenwriter Judd Winick
Voice Bruce Greenwood, Jason Isaacs, Neil Patrick Harris, John Di Maggio, Jensen Ackles, Wade Williams

When I first heard that DC was adapting Judd Winicks Batman under the red hood arc I was excited to see it come to animation because It was such a good story. I know Winick gets the rap of being a one note type of writer but he is much more than that. If you look back on his work on Outsiders and Green Arrow you can see how much of a comic fan he is. Winick was able to capture in one arc the emotions and the struggle that Bruce Wayne took a few years worth of stories to overcome and that is the death of Jason Todd aka Robin II. All the angst and guilt and even the question on alot of comic fans minds as to why Batman allowed Joker to live after murdering his partner and friend and even surrogate son. Winick was able to take all that and add in Jason Todds dark side in the mix and write a story that I can still re read over and over again. So when I sat down to finally watch the movie I looked for all of these things and for the most part I think I got it. The opening scene was able to sum up what happened to Jason with a few tweaks here and there but nothing that really hurt the story. First off the animation was spot on to me in showing the action that Doug Mankhe drew so beautifully in the comic story. Then next the voices which all worked for me including the joker. My stand out characters in the movie besides Batman is definately Jason Todd and Dick Grayson. Now the things that I think were changed that I didnt care for is the character Ra’s al Ghul which is written in the movie as a much more humble if even remorseful figure which really doesnt fit the character to me at all. We also have a very diminished role of Talia which is Ra’s daughter who had alot more to do with Jason’s return than her farther. But over all I really enjoyed it especially the flashback scenes between Jason and Bruce and an ending that was really as emotional as the story its based on. If your on the fence about getting the dvd i suggest you give it a chance and sit back and enjoy the ride.

review by Darrell

  1. Ken says:

    True, Talia has more to do with Jason’s return in the comics than in this version. But in the comics, the real person who “brought Jason Todd back from the dead” was Superboy Prime. The changes made to fit this adaptation included removing the wall-punching and everything around it. Using Ra’s from the very beginning as the agent of Jason’s resurrection fit this story very well.

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