True Blood Recap: Hit the Ground, Ep. 7

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here is a quick recap of last’s night episode of True Blood. This was one crazy show that has a lot of us geeks going nuts over the vampire show. So if you don’t want spoilers then go watch the episode and come back later.

Lorena is dead, thank goodness she was one of the meanest vamp on this show besides Franklin. She was dispatched before the opening credits, our own Miss Sookie took care of the job and it was a cause for celebration for all trubies.

Sookie saves Bill but is causes her to go into a coma as a result. This was heartbreaking since the bloodsucking was very much like the book in the fact that the scene was a kind of a “rape” to Sookie and that Bill is a dangerous vampire and falls to his base instincts when pushed beyond his limits. This lands Sookie in the hospital with Tara calling Jason to come to as soon as he can to see his sister. When he arrives he is told by the nurse that Sookie has NO blood type and that a transfusion will not work to save her.

Sam confronts Tommy and finds out that the Mickens are using him in dog fights for money. The reason is that Mama Mickens is no longer able to fight and then Tommy is needed to earn money in her place. Sam manages to save Tommy from being mauled in a dog fight and frees the rest of the dogs in the pack in the process. Then, Sam tells the Mickens that they are lousy parents to Tommy.

Sookie dreams while in a coma and sees her fairly godmother Claudine for the first time and is told that Bill will take her light away and that she needs to get away from the darkness. Could this mean that Bill will not be the love of her life and that in the end will be the death of Sookie or that all vampires are just bad for our girl? The other important aspect of this is that the dream seems to show us more of what Sookie’s powers really are and that she is NOT fully human at all and is something more. Please note that Jason is also not entirely human and he may have hidden powers also. If you read the books, then you know what I am talking about and we will have to see what comes from this dream.

We finally get to see a conclusion of the whole thing with Pam, The Magister, Eric and King Russell. This meeting takes place at Fangtasia and is epic to say the least, this whole plotline rocked. The Magister is about to place silver rings on to the eyes of Pam and thus kill her but King Russell steps in and along with Eric and Queen Sophie-Anne pull off a neat hat trick and have The Magister and Pam switch places. While this is happening, King Russell is talks about the “Authority”. King Russell then uses The Magister’s own silver tipped cane to lop off his head, thus ending his life and introducing the true death to him. Ding, dong the Magister is dead.

We also learned the following from this episode:
Bill can not burn in the sunlight anymore due to drinking almost all of Sookie’s blood.
Jason’s is letting the whole cop thing go to his head and beginning to find out more about the town of Hot Shot and Crystal’s background.
Hoyt and Summer are still waltzing around about being a couple.


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