Posted: August 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Warner Bros. Animation has announced that on November 9, they will release the DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection, a DVD with animated takes including Superman and Captain Marvel, The Spectre, Green Arrow and Jonah Hex.

The Superman/Captain Marvel cartoon, which will last 22 minutes, shows how young Billy Batson crosses paths with Clark Kent… only to gain mysterious powers from an elderly wizard, as well as a murderous foe in the form of Black Adam. Jerry O’Connell will reprise his role the Big Red Cheese, while George Newburn will reprise his role as Superman from the Justice League cartoons.

In addition, you’ve got 10-12 minute shorts including the Spectre animated short written by Steve Niles; the Greg Weisman-penned Green Arrow adventure, in which he protects a 10-year-old princess from the League of Assassins; and Jonah Hex, voiced by one of his biggest fans, Thomas Jane.


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