Lopresti, Van Hook & Maguire Explore DC’s “Weird Worlds”

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

A walking, talking creature made out of garbage, a foul-mouthed, motorcycle riding bounty hunter and a super powerful, super sexy space-faring cynic. Sounds weird? Well, you’d be absolutely right and that’s exactly why these three strange beings take center stage in the upcoming appropriately titled six-issue miniseries from DC Comics’ “Weird Worlds.”

Every monthly installment of the anthological title tells a 10-page chapter of three separate stories, each written by one of three comic creators. Aaron Lopresti, well known in the comic industry for his artistic merit and eye-catching visuals on such titles as the biweekly “Justice League: Generation Lost,” both writes and pencils his tale, introduing an all-new character to the DCU in his tale. Known as Garbage Man, as mentioned earlier, he is quite literally a man-like creature made of garbage. Meanwhile, writer Kevin Van Hook teams with legendary penciler Jerry Ordway for an intergalactic adventure starring the Main Man himself, Lobo. Finally, Kevin Maguire heads to unexplored areas in the far reaches of the DCU cosmos with the cute and deadly Tanga.


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