Quick Thoughts on Super Bowl Commercials

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kung Fu Panda: Not even trying anymore

Bears + McDonald’s= awesome

I agree with Sue, it is a stupid idea.

Game Time

i think that dude in the bud light comm was in malcolm in the middle

dog 1 and man 0
well all score with doritos

my weakness is kenny g too

i feel like doritos

let a woman control your life…and pepsi

okay a bud light commercial followed by a car add………riiiiiight

Okay more doritos….screw it i’m buying doritos

Cowboys are awesome. Cowboys and aliens…….I stutter to think

Did Michael Bay directed some of the Optima commercial

Eminem!!!!! Brisk….eh.

I hate “reply all” to

go daddy. . . . what do they do again….ah!!!!…is that….my eyes!!!

Cowboys +beer….

Transformers!!!! and stuff blows up….okay….

man…..they kinda went all out for a coke commercial. Dragons, orcs, fluffly Full grown Ewoks

Thor!!!!! I want a hammer too….. and the commercial was too short.

Heh. tiny Vader.

Rossanne got hit with wood. A win for man.

Still don’t know what the hell Super 8 is about

Captain America Teaser…uh….hmmm…. .need time…to process this…saw a bit of the Red Skull…Skinny Cap…Tommy Lee Jones….

wtf is Chatter.com

***Halftime show: I wonder what it would be like to live in a world without auto-tune

Slash!!!! oh she’s singing to it…..(frowny face)

Are the BEP going through their whole playlist damn.

Goddamn auto tune

Glee: Darrell should be happy


Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne……..yeah it happened. heh. 6g phone.

New Pirates Movie….Mermaids, Zombies, and Blackbeard. that sums it up.


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