Fraction Prepares For “Fear Itself” LIVE!

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Marvel Universe has much to fear this spring as the publisher prepares its latest grand sweeping mega-event. “Fear Itself” sees an ancient foe from the mythology of Thor challenge the very foundations of what superheroes think of themselves. To spread the word on the book, series writer Matt Fraction (who tackles the main series with artist Stuart Immonen) joined SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort for a live press call, and CBR is there with continuing updates!

“What a weirdly fearsome night…how appropriate,” Fraction said from Hawaii where he is on vacation and thankfully safe from any effects of the tsunami hitting the island state. “It’s been two years for us since we’ve thought about doing an event like this,” he added, noting that the core of the idea launched when Brevoort asked him and Ed Brubaker to dream up a Captain America/Thor story which grew and grew.

“It does what we do best…the story is a Cap and Thor story that happens to touch the rest of the Marvel Universe and every character in it,” Fraction noted adding that the story starts rolling with the idea that Odin – Marvel’s cornerstone of Thor’s norse mythological world – may not actually be the All Father. When the new Red Skull discovers this and is transformed into a god herself, she becomes an avatar for fear across the Marvel U. Thor is forced to chose between the worlds of god and men while Captain America sees his fear of an all-powerful Red Skull exerting influence over the earth.


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