What’s Behind The Upcoming X-Men Schism?

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Bleeding Cool was the first to bring you word that the upcoming X-Men event would centre around a split in the X-Men. Principally between Wolverine and Cyclops, with all the X-mutants aligning to one camp or another.

Marve’s recent tease, and the naming of the event “Schism” seemed to confirm this, a Cyclops visor carved into four slices. presumably by three adamantium claws.
Well, at the X-Men panel at C2E2 you may expect to learn that the split will be as a result of Scott Summers continuing to want to unite all mutants separately from the human population. He started doing this on the Utopia island, but this will be a, for want of a better word, permanent solution.

Logan will finally kick off against this, insisting that mutants should integrate into the rest of humanity. And will lead the X-Men team that leaves to promote just that.

This is reminiscent of the Xavier/Magneto split but directly reflects the age old problem of population management. Do you isolate or integrate? At extremes you have South Africa and Israel. But even in the melting pots of New York and to a lesser extent London, you have ghettos andareas of ethnic concentration, poth physically and mentally as cultures split and segregate.

And that’s where X-Men is headed. Which side are you on? Reading Generation Hope earlier today, I know which side Hope is on…


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