Noapologies ep58 Hot Sauce in my crotch

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

In this madcap episode Juan Castro shares his wonderful con experience with his dad. We also talk about Sucker Punch and some of the casting choices for the upcoming Superman movie. We talk about the IDW GIJOE books. The Wonder Woman pics that were recently released. The Justice League movie rumors.The Wonder con Green Lantern movie trailer.We debate Iron Man 2.Batman Inc #4,Morning Glories,FF#1.Amazing Spiderman,Batman:The Dark Knight,Hacyon,Butcher Baker,Mark Gruenwalds Captain American run,Zatanna,Dectective,Flashpoint,Judd Winicks Outsiders,Iron Man 2.0.Nonplayer,Spawn,Guardians of the Globe


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