Romeo must die by Rafael Sanz

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The success of Thor the failures of Wonder Woman and how they both connect. Like many comic fans this summer I’m realy up for this summers comic movies . We have captain america an american icon x-men first class the fith instalement of the popular x-men films you have to count wolverine origins in those films indie comic movie cowboys and aliens and of course grean lantern dc first big movie other than superman or batman.
But the season started off with thor the big question that most of us had about thor is can it be a sucsess at the box office well with a budget of 150 million and a 3 week worldwide gross of 345 million and rising that question has been answered and the answer is yes.
Now how does this have anything to do with wonder woman . Wonder woman as we all know is one of a hand full of characters that you can walk up to any one about and they will say ya I know wonder woman.
Far more people have heard of her than thor.
So why can’t she get a tv show or a movie.
Failures it have been noted for years that the heads of dc and warner brothers. Do not have much faith in the character. For years since the rebirth of comic movies many dc and wonder woman fans have been asking for her shot and the answer has always been no.
We have seen characters more known then her like spiderman and batman have big hit franchise and some like superman have misteps here’s to you bryan singer let’s hope zac snyder can get it right. But we have had characters less known than her find sucsess blade ironman of course and thor.
Thor and wonder woman how do they connect well here we go they are both characters of myth thor is the god of thor grounder in asgardian and norse history, wonder woman is made from clay of the greek gods greek myth.
The best thing to for her is that one nbc did not pick up that awful looking show from the costume to the premise to it being on nbc a network that has been in last place for the better part of the decade take a look at the cape people, the show would have been trashed it was already just by the shots of that god awfull costume and cancelled .
That would have made a movie even more of a hard sell for fans and warner would have looked at it like see we are right ,now I could be wrong and they will look at it like well if they don’t pick up a pilot why should we waste time with her like I said I hope I’m wrong.
Number two the box office numbers of thor like I said more people know wonder woman than thor, now let’s get into this thors world is much harder to get across than wonder womans he’s a god he lives in asgard he has to try and connect with the humans of misgard.
But here’s the the thing he’s an avenger they are building to a movie the foundation is being laid for that movie it started in ironman hulk ironman 2 now thor and will go to captain america.
How this helps wonder woman we have grean lantern coming out this summer let’s hope that’s a big hit take that momentum and build to a wonder woman film, princess of paradise island steve trevor needs her she comes to america to prevent ares god of war it could work.
So warner take notice of what marvel is doing with there less known characters and give wonder woman her rightfull place on film.
Before I go I have to thank the no apologies crew for first haveing me as a guest on the show then making me a new co host and now leting me do this is you like this reply or leave a itunes review because I love comics . My next article will be on 90s comic thanks for reading.


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