The Noapologies podcast crew
Lorrie Thomas
I am longtime comic book geek and nerd with over 10,000 books in my collection. I love Star Wars, Stargate and Battlestar Galactia. My goal in life is be the best geek that I can.

Darrell Taylor

Darrell Taylor aka The Voice Im just a sci fi and comic geek from New York. My favorite hobbies are baking and reading comics. My favorite saying Im a Warrior.


A comic fan from New York. Law School Student, Fanboy, and Website Case Analyst. The next attorney at geek law. Looking to change the world for the better.


State?: Fuck that shit!!!! I’ m from the province of Ontario.
City: Ottawa
Country: Canada
Books I grew up reading: Punisher, Amazing Spiderman, Venom, Spawn, Lobo, Superman and Hulk.

Juan Castro

Juan is an inker and painter from TJ Mexico. Past works include,Farscape Dargos Lament,Farscape Gone and Back, Toy Story the Return of Buzz Lightyear and is the current ongoing inker for Mark Waid’s incorruptible for Boom Studios. He’s also done Wonderlost for Image Comics, and several independent books like Razorkid, bounty hunter – and many more!

Christopher Keszycki

Christopher Keszycki is the Co-Host of No Apologies Podcast; he has been reading and collecting comics for 25 years. His first comic was New Teen Titans # 13. I’m a proud member of DC nation! I Love DC (Pre and Post Crisis) and 80’s Independent comics like Rockteer, John Sable and Scout. Chris is a Special Education teacher who brings his passion for comics into teaching. Chris lives and breaths comics 24/7.

Some of his Favorite Bands are Black Crowes, Wilco, Rolling Stones, White Stripes, The Raconteurs and Bruce Springsteen.

His Favorite Television shows: Lost, 30 Rock, Louie, The Offices and Treme.

His Favorite Movies: The Dark Knight, Spiderman, Superman the Godfather and Good Fellows.

My Favorite Comic Books Right Now: Batman & Robin, (JMS) Brave & Bold, American Vampire, Iron Man, Captain America, Legion of Super- Heroes and Green Lantern

Rafael Sanz
A life long marvel zombi and comic fan rafael sanz has been a fan of comics since first reading marvel team up with spider man and dominic fortune a huge fan of all things marvel has started to xpand his reading to dc vertigo image and indies new to podcasting and very glad to join no apologies

The Nothings On podcast crew
Darrell Taylor & Donny Salvo


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