Comic Book Road Show episodes

CBRS ep 123-Charles Soule
In this episode we are joined by writer of Image comics “27” and SLG’s Publishings “Strongman’. We talk to Charles about his writing influences that go into his projects.27:First Set trade paperback is in the June edition of Previews on pg 187.
You can also order Strongman vol1 by going
The intro and outro music is also by Charles Soule.

CBRS ep 124- Howard Chaykin
In this episode have the pleasure of interviewing the comic legend Howard Chaykin the writer and artist of American Flagg and many other comic classics such as Black Kiss,City of Tomorrow,Batman,The scorpion,Dominic Fortune,and many more.
CBRS ep 125- Blue Estate
In this episode we are joined by Viktor Kalvachev the writer of Image comics BLUE ESTATE. We find out about some of his comic influences and some of the hidden gems sprinkled through out the book. And we might even have some hints on some of whats to come and more. To learn more about BLUE ESTATE go to 586f8f3c-3cc9-ac34-c571-edf6c5137b05.mp3

CBRS ep126 Owen Wiseman
In this episode we are joined by writer Owen Wiseman to talk about his latest project Samurai’s Blood published by Image comics. He lets us in on what some of his influences are. We also learn a little about how he got into comics and writing in general. For more go to

And this episode was brought to you by our sponsor Friendly Neighborhood Comics
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