Noapologies episodes

d4fa6ec2-8a67-ea14-3cde-dd4005bf5a12.mp3Noapologies ep 53 International flava
In this comic talk filled episode we are joined by guest Taylor & Rafael as we discuss such topics as -the great work of Dwayne Mcduffie and his latest work on the All Star Superman dvd adaption. -Grant Morrissons influence in the DCU -The cancellations of more DC titles -Iron Man 2.0 -Thunder Agents -Some talk about the portrayal of violence against women in comics -Flash point -Wonder Woman’s inability to have a high selling book -What do Amazons do on an Island with men? -Recent Amazing Spiderman -New upcoming Venom ongoing -Darrell’s Twitters -We also welcome our new sponsor Friendly Neighborhood Comics located 191 Mechanic Street, Bellingham, MA 02019 508 966-2275 Friend Us On Facebook

Noapologies ep 55 Hold my pockets
In this jammed packed episode we tackle such topics as recent comic sales,Thor movie,Dillon Dog,Super,SNAKES EYES ongoing,comic shops good and bad,escort services,Rom,Joe the Barbarian,Brightest Day,Young Justice,Smallville,and the real Wonder Woman tv plot. 18dd448b-18f3-b55b-ee85-bafdadaf764f.mp3

Noapologies ep 56 No more Donkey shows
In this jammed packed episode the roundtable discuss what Flashpoint books they are picking up,Hack/Slash,answer email,comic artists that are not considered flashy,Thor minis,Generation Lost,Wonderwoman,Superman,Juan Castro’s work on the upcoming Snakes Eyes ongoing,Venom,Legion of Supervillians,Walking dead,Jeff Lemire,Uncanny Xforce,middle tier books,debate over the art by George Perez,Justice League,Greg Rucka,major shake ups with Spiderman Turn of the dark,and some con memories enjoy. 6a840c23-bc8f-0f92-a955-6156f388ba06.mp3

Noapologies ep57-JK Remembers
We are joined by a very tired and over worked JK Woodward( & Elizabeth Amber( We talk about issue 2 IDW’s Fallen Angel Return of the Son written by Peter David & drawn by JK Woodward. We also talk about Darrell on Jury Duty.Greg Rucka on Daredevil,Long Ranger,the Last Phantom,Red Sonja,Batman Beyond,Supa Show,Snake Eyes,Johnny Recon,Christophers life as a bouncer at a strip club and forces JK to relive his past and we enjoyed every minute of it. b5dd2229-994c-f077-0efa-14d1d19d3362.mp3
Noapologies ep59 Damn we love comics
We welcome our new member Rafael to the Noapologies crew. we talk about the recent lay offs at Dark Horse comics,Death of Ultimate Spiderman,cutting back on tie ins,Fear Itself,Invincible Iron Man,the inking on some Marvel books,we debate Greg Land,Nonplayer,Dark Knight artist fill in,DC flashback books,Brightest day,Dectective comics,more Superman news,and what Vertigo books we think can be made into movies/tv shows.We also gush over the upcoming Marvel movies.And we shout out DC Noise podcast.BUY SNAKE EYES 3uygoam


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